Friday, October 30, 2009

already judge -

crazy how one thing can change a person's whole perspective of you.

i was helping a lady at work today - she was pretty nice [at first] .

i guess she was glancing at me and noticed that i had a tattoo. right then and there she just looked at me dumbfounded and in disgust.

funny ain't it?

my tattoo isn't something that can be labeled as offensive because it means nothing to strangers.

the good thing out of it all - it made me appreciate people. what i mean is - just because someone is different ( tattoos, piercings, etc.) doesn't mean they are all evil. like that saying goes, ' it takes one to know one.'

my tattoo is just of a cross, heart, and what my dad said right before he passed away. tell me that isn't bad? lol.

another example - my boyfriend (he's not hmong, he is vietnamese).

i remember taking my boyfriend to a hmong festivity - when an [ex] aunt of mines came up to me and asked who my friend is. she thought he was hmong so she was speaking to him in hmong. of course my bf looked like a deer staring into a headlight - that she then realize he was not hmong. asked what he was then said to me,

' why you date vietnamese, they bad people - shoot kill us all - they do not love you as much as someone who is hmong will'

oh man - tell me what has this world come too? people take things too literally nowadays.

already judge.

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