Saturday, November 28, 2009

thankful for -


it may be vague and discreet but on the up and up of what really is.

thanksgiving has been an ice breaker - slowly i am mending the broken strings that i've foolishly destroyed.

although there is melancholy in my heart i am buoyant for what will be.

this is my fitting of all times it is to be just thankful.


on another note: new moon was sooooo boring. i fell asleep not once but three times trying to give this movie a shot to excite me. i can't believe the amazing rave this movie got. it was too freaking long! 'edward' did not look good at all. haha nor did the guys who played werewolf (ex. jacob). and the ending was horrible! i say horrible! man i could've been watching ninja assasin!

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

so i have realized -

that come winter i begin to experience nasty ass acne on my back! what the shit is this!

i've tried many, plenty, a little bit of everything - and nothing seems to work!

odd thing is, it disappears when it wants too and comes at the most inconvient times!

i hate having to dress up and know that i've got some nasty little critters crawling and exploding behind my back!

sorry for the 101 on my life with acne! lol.

anyone know a good remedy as to how to get rid of my body acne?!

for the most part - i think it's just my body recovering from my late illness! haha - could be. i hope so!

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