Monday, March 16, 2009

new at this

lol, figured i would since i'm always trying to comment someone's blog and end up not being able to because i am not a member.

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  1. helllo love! it's about time. all my blogger girls i have met like none in real life hahaha. but they are sweet. you'll like the makeup community. it gets addicting and burns your wallet..:( but yeah i miss you. the soup..MMm. It's so easy to make and healthy and heart warming. I know it's cold over there.

    I've been debating about going up there for a while since meng will be super busy in texas. He has been going to school lately for his promotion and is always busy and hardly ever helps out with baby that it drives me nuts. I swear a lot more and I know I shouldn't. My stress levels have gone up and I don't eat as much :( I know it's not good for me either. He doesn't want me to go but I don't know. If we're gonna be fighting all the time in texas I will fly back home with baby. I'd rather get support from my family.