Saturday, January 16, 2010

no pictures.... but hey -

my camera has been dead for so long. i hoping it's just the batteries. i will definitely get to it fixing it right away.

anyways, i don't have pictures to post swatches of the shadows from the eyestudio collection [i know, loser!] but i would recommend the quards versus the mineralized shadows.

the quards are by far more pigmented w/ a primer of course. i mean you can apply the shadows wet as well and still get almost if not the same shades. the mineralized shadows are just pretty but not worth it.

i just purchased their mascaras today - well definitely give you guys an update on that:

-maybelline xxl pro by eyestudio extensions, very black
-maybelline xxl pro 24hr bold intensive, very black

the package does not tell you what the mascaras do but one may assume it is as stated. lol, for the extensions i'm thinking the affects would be somewhere along the lines of having faux lashes on but not? makes sense? lol....

and the bold is as said.... so i shall let you guys know how the mascaras do.

anywho.......................... i still am in love with their gel liner! i fell asleep and woke up with my liner still there. :)

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

thee best gel eyeliner thus far!

i'm not the best at applying my eyeliner and i have not found something to be amused about.... UNTIL...

i discovered maybelline eye studio gel liner. it's awesome and stays on forever. it does not budge one inch.

i know, i know... i've got to get goin' with buying or fixing my camera to take pictures.

anyways... if you are in the st. paul area - stop by the walgreens on white bear and larpentaur because they are holding a promotion for the new eye studio collection!! (this saturday)

also, if you've been hearing about the new revlon photo ready foundation.... walgreens has it too!


picture is a courtesy of google!

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