Thursday, February 4, 2010

i need a makeover -

i think my style has been the same for years now. i want to up my look/style just because... i need change. lol.

i don't know if i'm afraid to step out of my box or that my eyes are set and i always opt for casual wear.

also... i'm having the hardest of time.... looking for that special outfit to wear during my bday trip in vegas. everyone else is done and did except for me. :(

i sometimes feel like an old lady EVEN IF i am only 20.



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  1. can i choose an outfit for you? and you absolutely have to wear it? :D i am excited for you. i think you should grow your hair out like me! i'm buying the clip in extensions again since i gave my first set to olivia. i love you with light hair because i feel like it brings your features in your face out more.

  2. yes, yes! that would be nice. :D. plus i can't think of no one else that knows what i like to wear most but you!!!! :)

    i don't know what extensions to buy and where. lol, i know i'm not going for the glue on hair thing anymore. i swear i ripped out the bottom half of my hair. :(

    and by light... do you mean light hair color or not bulky hair? lol, i suck at trying to beautify.

    how are you guys?

  3. Omg, I feel you on that, girl! Especially around this time of the year, with it being so cold and's hard to break out of that "rut". I feel so lazy, not only with my clothes but with my hair and make-up. It's the same ol' thing everyday! But you can do it!

    Don't overthink about what you're going to do or wear, JUST DO IT! Ever heard of that saying "Fake it until you MAKE it". I love it! Cuz it's so freakin' true! :)