Friday, February 5, 2010

bad customer service -

my boyfriend and i stopped at wal-mart for a quick 'gotta buy some hangers' trip. well our trip ended up being 2 hours long!

i've never seen lines as long as today. the front of the store ended up towards the back of the store.

anyways we decided to go over to electronics to ring up.

as soon as we got to the guy (waited in line for an hour) - told us to go over to the second register because he had to go on break. pissed the shit out of me.

normally i'm pretty patient but this dude said that it was my fault that i made him late when he told everyone in line that he was supposed to be on break already.

he then said to me, i'm entitled to have a break. yeah but what does that got to do with me? i was the last customer with only 3 things! he was like well then are you gonna tell the customers not to come to me if i ring you up?

boiled red at this moment! anyways i couldn't even talk to this dip shit anymore. i mean i understand that there is a language barrier but still.... you're entitled to give good customer service!

i know i fucking do.

damn. what's your worst experience with customer serivce!!!!?

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  1. wow i know the feeling. but at walmart, if you dont take your breaks, you get in trouble. well i know this because of sam's club. i got in trouble for not taking my breaks "on time". it was stupid but they don't want to get sued and shit. what should have happened was for the manager to tell everyone that he can't ring them up anymore. i believe everyone got their tax return today so the lines are super long. even over here the bank line was really long.

    the whole go to the next register thing, happens to meng and i often. we've just learned to screw it and wait. walmart workers get paid pretty low so they're always unhappy!