Wednesday, December 30, 2009

happy new years!

happy early new years everyone! this year was a breeze. i've had my ups and downs but it was pretty much a good year. i don't ask for anything else but perhaps...motivation.

i really suck at keeping my new years resolutions because as time progessed - my mind changes. i've always wanted to lose weight. i mean i know it may not sound logical, health wise, but i want to weigh at least 110 lbs. that has always been one of my top new years resolutions.

i'm pretty much a yo-yo when it comes to my weight. i gain some and i lose some. i think my heaviest was around 200 lbs. no one believes me but my scale does. i guess to others it didn't look like i was 200 lbs because i'm pretty average in height (5'5)

i mean if i was short - the world would've noticed!

anyways... i don't know about you guys... but i am sometimes insecure when standing next to my boyfriend. i mean he's around my height but freaking all muscles and bones. :(

he and i are on a mission to lose and to gain weight. lol - he wants to get bigger because basketball season for him is around the corner - and i, well i just want to look smoking hot. hahahahaha. (conceited much?) j/k.

well i didn't really start losing weight until about 4 months ago? i started at 185 and now am down to 125. so i only have a few pounds to shed to get to my ultimate goal weight.

how i did what i do? i basically cut out eating at fast foods, i have a love hate relationship with my soda intake, & i don't eat much junk food. i went back to eating what i used to eat which consist of: rice, water, veggies & i don't eat salt with a lot of food esp. my eggs.

most importantly exercise! don't go on those fad diets because you will be back to your original weight in no time!

all in all, my new years resolution is to be more healthier in my decisions whether it be because of my diet or just life itself. makes sense? lol j/k.

hope you all have a good new years and be safe whereever it is you will be!

love always

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  1. Have a wonderful New Years Sha! Be safe and I wish you the best in the coming year :) Misss you!

  2. hey, i got that dress from i think sells it too but it's all sold out so go to it got to me super fast and i love it! i have it in red too. :P

    well, good luck with your resolution for this year. i didn't make any so i think i'll be safe. have a good year.